June, 2021

Bon Secours

Navigating Chronic Illness with Chronic JOY – The POWER OF RESILIENCE

Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 7:00- 8:30 PM

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With any unexpected challenging news comes the aftermath of emotions. These emotions can be overwhelming, even dismantling of the lives we’ve known. Come learn how to begin to live life anew despite any news or challenge that steals your joy. Resilience is like a super power, hidden until absolutely called upon. Let’s unpack together how resilience is yours for the asking. Come learn how to build a new vision for your life ahead no matter the challenges you face today. Raphael

Aguon spends his life energy as a Transformational Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Motivational Speaker for the past 17 years. He also works as a Licensed Occupational Therapist for 30+ years specializing in physical disabilities & mental health. In an effort to create a more holistic approach to his work Raphael completed 2 years of Graduate Studies in Theology with an emphasis on Carmelite Spirituality, a Contemplative Catholic Tradition. Raphael specializes in teaching people how being happy is a choice and creating an abundant life in every area can be the result. He teaches principles that ultimately and completely transforms lives, and businesses. He has lived a lifetime modeled after a simple quote by his favorite Catholic Saint – St. Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower) at a tender young age she spoke “I choose all!” Being the fourth of ten children in a home full of love, Raphael has had a taste of ten careers to date and continually endeavors for more.