COVID-19 Update

To our dear LCRC community:

During this unprecedented and incredibly challenging time, we can all relate to the feelings of uncertainty, fear and loss of control this situation brings. These are feelings with which a Lyme warrior is all too familiar. Our hope is that you are finding ways to care for yourself – body, mind and spirit. This is important always, but especially in such challenging times when senses are heightened. For now, let us learn what we can and absorb, with deeper gratitude, our many blessings. Perhaps music can touch us more deeply, perhaps beauty can reach our soul instead of just meeting our gaze, and perhaps human contact, when it returns, will help us to keep in mind that which is truly important in this life.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need to connect. Just as we know it to be true for Lyme disease, so we know it for this global pandemic – we are all in this together. We must keep the faith and the understanding that only by striving for the good of all can we realize good for ourselves.

Be brave, be wise, be well.